Providing Full-stack Enterprise Solutions.

We focus on your business, providing full cycle solutions built from the best in class technologies to help you grow in a dynamic, technological world. Our consultative approach is designed to help you achieve your organisation’s goals. We are tech-agnostic and flexible, with an emphasis on exceptional cyber security throughout our delivery, performance and support.

The Backbone Services

Take advantage of first-class service delivery, affordable fixed costs, and the most up-to-date know-how. Our agile approach and agnostic delivery method means we can respond swiftly to your business challenges, solving problems and creating a managed services system that works for you. We’ll develop an infrastructure that responds to your unique concerns and issues, designed to scale as you grow.

  • Business analysis

    Whether you are an aspiring startup or a well-established company, you will benefit from the business analysis services by Backbone. Each software project at our company starts with a discovery session aimed at collecting as much information about a future solution as possible. It helps us to understand the true value of your project and reduce custom software development costs.

  • Cloud & Cybersecurity

    Moving your business to the cloud? Welcome to a world of automated processes, improved productivity, and endless possibilities! No matter what solution you choose, we'll help migrate your content and harness the power of cloud technology so you can run a more effective business.

Let’s discuss your next project

Let’s discuss your next project

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The software development process at Backbone

1.Discovery session

The discovery session is the first and foremost stage of product development at our software development company. Its aim is to collect input information about a future app, as in its business model, the main competitors, target audience, issues the solution will solve, and core functionality. Apart from that, we identify potential bottlenecks and offer the most suitable solutions to overcome them. This way, the discovery phase helps us deliver software solutions that meet the demand of the target audience. Besides, the more information we gather at this stage, the more precise time and cost estimate customers will get.

Product vision

Project roadmap


Design prototype

User flow

Project architecture

Accurate estimates

Team composition


As soon as all project requirements are specified and documented, our UX/UI design team starts analyzing them. This way, they ensure the information infrastructure will be created correctly. The next stage is wireframing. Here wireframes are two-dimensional sketches designed to showcase how a future web app will look and work. It is worth noting that they do not illustrate the whole design of a digital product, only key screens and interface elements. As soon as the customer approves them, the UX/UI design team converts them into clickable prototypes that imply the first user interaction. Later on, these interactive prototypes will be converted into the final UI design.

Design estimates

UX Flow


User Stories

UI design

Сustom themes and icons


The development process in our software engineering company is based on the principles of the Agile philosophy. This group of methodologies allows us to minimize the risk of project failure, ensure constant product improvement, and increase flexibility regarding to necessary changes. Customers, in turn, gain full control over their projects owing to feedback integration, transparency, and quality-control features. As a result, they get digital products of superior quality. We divide the software development process into short sprints. Each sprint starts with the prioritization of the tasks in the backlog. After that, software developers start building the required functionality. When a certain piece of functionality is completed, quality assurance engineers perform manual and automated tests to make sure each function works as it should and there are no bugs. When all bugs are fixed, the functionality is released to production.








Release implies distributing the final version of your software solution to end-users. This final stage of the software development process takes place when all bugs are fixed and all enhancements are made. From now on, you can see how users interact with your product. Apart from deploying your solution to production, our software development team is busy with writing the release notes. It is technical documentation that contains vital information about bugs we have fixed and enhancements we have made. Release notes are essential since they help engage users and raise awareness of the new product.


To make sure your software solution is bug-free and accessible 24/7, our software development company provides support and maintenance services. We are always ready to improve your product with new features so that it can satisfy the increasing demands of your audience. If you need support services, you can purchase a certain amount of hours per month. Alternatively, you can collect all your tasks in a backlog, and when they take at least eighty working hours, give them to our software development team. This way, you will reduce support and maintenance services expenses.

Backbone Industries

  • Marketplaces


    Backbone creates scalable product and service marketplaces that manage the high load, custom features, and meet the latest industry standards.

  • Education


    E-learning solutions built by our software development company offer a convenient and personalized environment that simplifies the educational process for learners and teachers.

  • Logistics


    With our custom software solutions for logistics management, companies can easily monitor order processing, warehousing, inventory, transportation, and other crucial processes.

  • E-commerce


    We build vertical and horizontal e-commerce platforms to enable sellers to create storefronts for promoting their products and help buyers quickly purchase the required item.

  • Entertainment


    Our media and entertainment software speeds up the process of digital content creation, management, and delivery and keeps your audience engaged.

  • Fashion


    With our custom software, fashion brands embrace the power of 3D technologies to simplify the design, development, and marketing processes and launch beauty and apparel products faster.

  • Healthcare


    Medical software allows healthcare providers to eliminate paperwork by automating form filling, patient registration, data storage, and file management, and thus, offer better patient care.

  • Rental


    With our custom digital solutions for the rental industry, businesses can manage online bookings, inventory, invoicing, and track available equipment in a fast and convenient way.

We also help to innovate

Our software development company leverages the power of new technologies to help customers stay competitive in a rapidly changing business environment.


AI and ML allow companies to get maximum value from the data collected and it increases customer satisfaction and makes better decisions based on data.

Computer vision

Computer vision systems help companies achieve accurate healthcare diagnoses, reduce production defects and gain valuable insight into the customer retail demographics.

Natural language processing

Thanks to NLP technology, computers can access data from various sources. source and derive meaning from it. As such, it helps customers understand the Internet rather than competitors in the market.

Big data processing

By analyzing large volumes of data, companies can discover hidden opportunities. gain more customers, bring to market and limit new products or services costs.

Let’s discuss your next project

Let’s discuss your next project

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We build software for

Large businesses

Small & medium businesses


Engagement models at Backbone

Time & Material model

According to this model, our custom software development company stands on the basis of customers the exact number of hours our development team will spend on their projects. This number it also includes potential risks, constant renewal and changing requirements. The Time & amp; The material model is the perfect choice if you need flexibility to change the range workload from your project or software developers.

Dedicated development team

If you want complete control over your project, this is a model designed for the development team the best solution for you. All this will be provided by our software development company they need specialists. You prioritize tasks for them and check their progress you alone. In this respect, this model is similar to the development team itself; But yes No need to pay for hardware, software license, salaries, fees and sick pay.

Tech stack for innovations

Our software development company uses the most advanced a technology stack that helps organizations implement new ideas and experiences. Customers are better opportunities that could disrupt their industry by implementing the latest technologies rather than their branded rivals.










Apache Spark












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