Minimum Viable Product development services

As a full-cycle software development company, we have the right expertise to provide ​​high-quality MVP development services. We approach the work with your business goals in mind, carefully prioritizing and giving you an effective solution to explore your idea’s potential.

Custom MVP software development services

With over 140 projects under our belt, we provide ​​bespoke MVP development services implementing all kinds of client requirements. Backbone professionals support proactive collaboration practices based on open communication and attention to the client’s business specifics.

MVP development

We are an end-to-end MVP development company that will work on your product from ideation to delivery and support. We design an MVP to be later shaped into a full-fledged product, so the use of Agile practices helps us work fast, producing stable and flexible code.

MVP improvement

Using the information you have collected after the first launch of your MVP solution, we will create an improvement strategy. We will refine the MVP, better tailor it to the market, optimize costs and effort, set measurable KPIs, and plan for turning it into a full product.

Market analysis

Market research is an important part of our MVP development service that helps mitigate risks. We use qualitative and quantitative methods to evaluate the market need, perform competitor research and SWOT analysis, and provide you with reports and strategical ideas.

MVP consulting

Rely on Backbone engineers and business analysts to help you conceptualize your idea, define the must-have functionality of your MVP, and choose the most beneficial tech stack for MVP software development. We will advise on best practices and provide ballpark figures, too.


If you aim to validate the look rather than get detailed feedback on the product, we can make a prototype. This way, you can test the idea by spending even fewer resources and showing the users (or stakeholders or investors) an interactive visualization of the intended solution.

Moving from MVP to a full-scale product

Our business analysts and project managers will walk you through the transition from MVP development services to software development. We will help you prioritize pain points to be solved in the primary product, create a development roadmap, and plan the project scaling.

Want to test an idea with an MVP?

Want to test an idea with an MVP?

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How we develop MVP software

Being an experienced MVP development company, we stick with the traditional SDLC, augmenting it with the most beneficial tactics and methods for the particular project. This approach lets us build effective solutions to collect the necessary information with the least resources spent.

1.Business analysis

Our business analysts initiate the MVP software development services delivery by clarifying your vision and goals, researching the current market, estimating the scope, and identifying risks and ways to downplay them.

They will analyze your competition to determine what works best. Technical specialists are involved at this stage to help align your expectations with the technological capabilities and correctly estimate deadlines.

At the end of the discovery stage, you will get a clear understanding of your target audience’s needs and ways to place your concept in accordance with those needs and within your business strategy. We’ll also create a project roadmap for time and cost estimates.


Using the data derived during the discovery phase, Backbone UX/UI designers create an information architecture to ensure simple user navigation. For complex projects, we sometimes include wireframing into our MVP development services. This allows us to see what works and doesn’t in terms of usability and functionality.

As soon as the user flow is approved, we create a visual representation of the MVP following your brand book and accessibility requirements. Regular meetings let you monitor the design process and give feedback. Before the approved mockups are ready to go to developers for implementation, we prepare a design library.


The MVP software development stage is where the plans and visual designs are turned into functional code. The Backbone developers decide on the most beneficial tech stack for your project and work with QA engineers to ensure correct software performance, stability, and testability.

Following Agile principles, our team works in sprints, consistently planning, implementing, and testing each completed software unit. This approach lets us cut the time for development and improve the quality since defects are found and fixed straight away. Thus, there is no need for rework after all the code is written.


A developed MVP goes through various manual and automated tests to validate its performance, compliance with requirements, standards, industry regulations, browser and device compatibility, etc.

Testers prepare documentation certifying the product’s quality that is further used for launch. The development team also makes release notes containing core information about your MVP that are available for the end-users.

Finally, the MVP is submitted to the chosen platform, with our development and QA team monitoring its correct launch. As soon as the product gets used, you can start collecting and analyzing data.


Our MVP development services do not end at launch. We stay in touch with you, ready to step in with fixes or updates as necessary. Being at the origin of your MVP development, our specialists quickly detect bugs and find the reason for their occurrence.

With access to real-time product statistics, we can say how users react to it and what experience they lack. Being data-driven, we use this information to set objectives for the next product versions.

Since we build MVPs as a base for further development, they have the necessary adaptability allowing us to bring them up to the market changes quickly. That’s how you can tweak your MVP to make the most impact and pave the way for a successful release of the full product.

Backbone makes custom MVP software that is

  • 1


    We base our MVP development services on the “less is more” principle, minimizing the number of ways the system can go wrong. We keep external plugins and libraries at the essential minimum and get the work done with as little code as possible.

  • 2


    We own what we do and go the extra mile with research and planning to avoid losses. Our analysts aim to validate the idea before any coding is started and wind the project down if it’s just wrong. We also begin QA early to predict and mitigate risks.

  • 3

    Fast to market

    We follow a build-measure-learn process that implies making an informed assumption, implementing it with a minimum of resources, and testing. Thus, the product doesn’t take much time to go live and gets continuous improvements.

  • 4


    As an experienced MVP development company, we know how to abridge a solution to cut development and maintenance costs while still getting a valuable product. We help to carry out market research and prioritize further software extensions.

  • 5


    We thoroughly test the product at each development stage so malfunctions won’t distract users from assessing. Also, setting clear and measurable KPIs is a part of our MVP development services, so you will know what to monitor to evaluate your MVP performance.

  • 6


    Starting our MVP development service with business analysis helps us prevent sudden challenges that slow down the development. Also, we build an MVP with further improvements in mind, so its architecture allows for complex add-ons without rework.

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Our engagement models

MVP development from scratch

At Backbone, you can get turn-key MVP software development services. We will create a strategic plan for your idea based on your business plans and capabilities, design, and build the product. Detailed reports after each development stage will keep you updated.

Dedicated MVP development team

You can maintain direct control over the development process while our MVP development company will act as a talent provider and employee maintenance manager. Thus, you get an expert team you can scale up or down at any time that works under your guidance.

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Need to validate your idea and attract funding quickly?

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