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Web Application Development Services

We offer Node.js development services for building cross-platform solutions that process large volumes of data and have numerous integrations. Our engineers rely on Node.js to combine rich functionality with smooth performance and user-friendly design.

Node.js Development Services

Being value-driven, the Backbone team advises on Node.js for app development to provide an efficient solution for your business challenges. This technology uses an I/O pattern and works best for fast transfer between storage and memory, greater scalability, and performance.

Custom Node.js development services

We use Node.js for both frontend and backend so you will get complex software built from scratch quickly. Since one team of Node.js developers can handle the entire project, the development price is lower, too. Further, we apply server-side rendering to optimize web pages loading to enable the proper work of your application even with a poor internet connection.

IoT development services

We offer Node.js development services for building an application layer between IoT devices and databases. This is justified since most of these devices are of I/O type. The event-driven architecture of Node.js lets us create software that asynchronously processes multiple concurrent requests, reducing response times.

Web application development services

Node.js allows us to quickly expand an app’s functionality without building each new feature from scratch as in traditional practices. Clasterization is another benefit of using Node.js for application development. Our engineers leverage it to balance out the CPU workload, thus contributing to the high-speed operation of a web app.

Enterprise solution development services

We encourage you to rely on Node.js development company for enterprise software development as the powerful V8 runtime makes it easy to patch, optimize, and support applications. The use of RESTful API lets us create large-scale systems, and the microservice pattern helps to manage every tiny aspect.

Cross-platform app development services

Backbone Node.js developers use battle-tested techniques to create standalone cross-platform applications. We take advantage of high-quality libraries to reduce the development time and simplify post-delivery app monitoring. Also, the versatility of Node.js allows for creativity and collaboration to create unique solutions.

API development services

We provide Node.js development services to create REST API quickly. Backbone developers constantly test new modules and use the best ones to declare API, handle incoming parameters and errors, convert to JSON, and send responses. Our API is lightweight and complies with the performance parameters of your software.

Need a high-performing custom web app?

Need a high-performing custom web app?

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Node.js development solutions by Backbone

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    We break the application logic into small modules, each accommodating a certain functionality. Being a client of our ​​Node JS web development company, you have more room for experimentation and can add new features without affecting the rest of the app.

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    Using our Node.js development services, you can get apps that balance their load, thus handling multiple tasks with no significant burden. That means your software won’t crash with substantial surges of traffic and can keep its performance at optimal levels.

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    For ​​Node.js app development, we mix and match many technologies such as Angular or React to solve unique project challenges efficiently. Backbone developers have the right experience to ensure all tools work together and provide you with a competitive advantage.

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    Fast to market

    Node.js development services enable frontend and backend developers to work with the same language, increasing their communication effectiveness and simplifying deployment. We also use the same code pieces for web and mobile to further speed up the development process.

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    Our Node.js developers are well-versed in the latest security practices and aim to prevent errors by initiating QA early in the development process. Additionally, we perform various tests such as dependency and vulnerability scanning and more.

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    High performing

    As a Node.js development company, we take advantage of the environment’s asynchronous and single-threaded nature to build apps that can process multiple requests simultaneously. And the V8 engine lets us ensure fast code execution for smooth software operation.

Our engagement models

Time & material Node.js development

Our engineers are skilled in ​​Node.js app development as well as many other technologies, which empowers them to come up with creative solutions to solve your business problems. We stick with Agile practices, carefully planning, working quickly, and providing detailed reports so you can keep close tabs on the process.

Dedicated Node.js development team

A team of dedicated developers at Backbone is ready to lend you a helping hand with Node JS consulting and development. You are not limited by the number of employees and can tweak your team according to your current needs. Our excellent soft skills and command of English will make the cooperation pleasant and fruitful.

Node.js app development process

For custom software development from scratch, we find the traditional SDLC model the most beneficial in terms of visibility and quality control. At the same time, you can hire Node.js developers to pick up your project at any stage of development, from planning to testing and post-launch maintenance.


We start a project by interviewing the client about their idea, vision, goals, and requirements. After analyzing the market, our business analysts and sales managers come up with the product vision board that helps to validate the vision and outline a strategy.

Next, we make a conceptual model and a context diagram defining the flow of data within the designed system. To better understand the client’s business problem and find the most effective solution, we build a business objectives model.

The next step is to identify system actors and their interactions. The result of the discovery phase is a clear understanding of the tasks constituting the overall functionality of the software to be developed and technical constraints.


Backbone UX/UI designers organize the information collected during the discovery and business analysis phase into an information architecture (IA) graph. After coming up with a suitable visual concept, they use the IA to create mockups.

Several variants of product visual design are tested on a focus group for the best user experience and correct brand perception. The mockups and the supporting design library go to the development team for implementation after approval.

For large projects with complex logic and rich functionality, we may choose to create high-fidelity interactive wireframes. These are schematic representations of the basic screens that show the app’s structure and paths between pages without any code behind them. Wireframing is a cheap and easy way to clarify the project vision and scope.


Before the actual writing of the program starts, the development team decides on the tech stack. They also outline the development strategy and prioritize tasks. Node.js development services are characterized by the need for additional planning in terms of setting rules to ensure code consistency and keep the coding speed at maximum.

To make the most out of the Node.js environment, Backbone engineers use a wide range of tools. We constantly update our list of best practices such as asynchronous code, grip compression, clusterization, environment variables, and more to apply the most fitting to your project.

Furthermore, we adhere to Agile processes, working in iterations and sending the build for testing at the end of each sprint. This way, we catch errors early and avoid any potential rework after release.


Being a seasoned Node.js development company, we have a robust release management process that is at the same time flexible enough to be customized for the specifics of an individual project.

After the development is finalized and comprehensive system and QA testing are performed, we send the product for user acceptance testing (UAT). Then the Backbone team creates a release plan, taking into account the information gathered during UAT, and prepares the associated documentation.

During the deployment stage, our engineers assess the product performance, identify issues, and document them to address later.


We are an end-to-end ​​Node JS web development company which means our relationship with the client does not end at the product release stage. Instead, we keep monitoring the software performance and collecting user feedback. Our support team provides corrective, preventive, perfective, and adaptive software maintenance.

Thanks to detailed documentation and thorough unit testing, our solutions are easy to maintain and patch. Since we have experts for every step of the software development process, you can turn to Backbone to improve your existing app or expand its functionality. We will do the necessary research, offer options for the most beneficial changes under the current market conditions, and design and implement new features.

Reasons to outsource Node.js development

Our Node.js app development company appreciates innovative ideas and keeps up with the IT industry best practices for quick implementation and low-risk development. Among our numerous strengths, clients value the communication techniques we use to create a positive environment for all the teams involved in the development process.


Being a JavaScript environment, Node.js is fairly easy to learn for most developers, thus providing a large talent pool. It also has a vibrant open-source community that simplifies knowledge distribution. Therefore, you can get quality Node.js development services in an offshore country for a beneficial price.

Inclusive knowledge

Node.js is primarily used in a stack with other technologies. For this reason, developers in Node.js development companies are well-versed in a number of programming languages, frameworks, and tools. Whether you’re looking for a turnkey development or a dedicated team, outsourcing gives you access to versatile knowledge.


With an outsourced team, you can get on-demand services whenever you need them and do not have to worry about in-house employees sitting idle. What’s more, you can add more employees or replace them with more relevant specialists as your needs change. Whatever the task you have, you only pay for the work done.

Need an app that will scale alongside your business?

Need an app that will scale alongside your business?

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