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Being an experienced marketplace development company, we follow the latest industry trends to build custom platforms for buying and selling products online. Our digital solutions bring businesses massive traffic from search engines, high conversion rates, and thousands of satisfied end-users.

Custom Marketplace Development Services

Take a look at the whole range of services provided by our marketplace development company.

  • B2B Marketplace Development Services

    We create vertical and horizontal B2B marketplaces to help businesses promote their offerings to other companies. We analyze challenges and opportunities associated with this domain to build secure, stable, and fast-loading software solutions.

  • B2C Online Marketplace Development Services

    Our custom marketplace website development service implies building B2C marketplaces with the advanced features. We offer buyers and sellers an exceptional user experience to help our clients compete with industry giants on an equal footing.

  • NFT Marketplace Development Services

    Since NFT trading is gaining momentum, more and more businesses will benefit from NFT marketplace development services provided by Backbone. We create unique powerful platforms that allow buying, selling, and exchanging non-fungible tokens and provide buyers and sellers with superb user experience.

  • Mobile Marketplace Development Services

    Our online marketplace development company builds vertical and horizontal B2B, B2C, and C2C marketplaces that provide mobile users with a seamless experience regardless of their device, screen resolution, and operating system.

  • Multi-Vendor Marketplace Development

    Our multi-vendor marketplaces give buyers access to a great number of sellers to choose from. This way, they can purchase the desired item at the most suitable price. Sellers, in turn, can increase their visibility by offering their products to global buyers.

  • Ecommerce Product Marketplace

    Our customer-centric approach, together with vast industry knowledge, allows us to create high-quality marketplace solutions to help both platform parties drive maximum benefits from the flexibility of buying and selling any kind of goods online.

How we develop online marketplaces

Backbone is a full-cycle custom marketplace software development company. It means that we assist our customers at each stage of product development, from idea validation to after-launch maintenance and support. This way, we guarantee that our marketplaces will always be stable, relevant, and bug-free.


The marketplace website development process in our software development company starts with a discovery session. At this stage, we explore the subject area, specify the type of marketplace a customer wants to build, whether it is a product or service one, the target audience (ordinary customers or other companies), and the desired functionality. Apart from that, we identify the potential bottlenecks and the best ways to fix them.

This approach is beneficial for companies since they can validate their business ideas without investing too much money. As soon as we define the project complexity, we can provide customers with more accurate time and cost estimates.


Our UX/UI design team focuses on creating eye-catching and user-friendly marketplaces that allow businesses to stand out from the competitors with similar products. After getting the key project requirements, they start working on wireframes, which are sketches without any colors or logos showing the position of elements on the web page. These wireframes are later developed into clickable prototypes, which suppose the first user interaction. The prototypes approved by the customers serve as the basis for the final UI design.

Design estimates

UX Flow


User Stories

UI design

Сustom themes and icons


At Backbone, we follow the principles of the Agile philosophy. We find this approach beneficial for both customers and our development team since it allows us to mitigate risks and achieve early and predictable delivery of high-quality software solutions. According to the philosophy of Agile, the marketplace website development process is split up into short sprints that usually last for two weeks. At the beginning of each sprint, we prioritize the tasks in the backlog. After that, our development team starts building the required functionality, which is further tested by the quality assurance engineers to make sure that there are no bugs. As soon as all bugs are fixed, the functionality is released to production.








It is the last and the most important stage of the custom marketplace development process when your software solution goes live and becomes accessible to end-users and search engines. The final version of the application is released to production, provided the quality assurance engineers did not find any bugs. At the same time, our development team writes technical documentation called release notes describing the crucial functional and non-functional changes that have been made. We cannot underestimate the importance of release notes since they show our customers the value of their product.


Backbone understands how important it is for business owners to stay relevant and satisfy the ever-growing needs of their audience. For this reason, we are always ready to advance the solutions the company has delivered with new functionality and fix bugs that have been reported by end-users. Customers can use our support and maintenance services in two different ways. They can purchase a certain amount of hours per month. Alternatively, they can create a backlog of tasks that will be given to our marketplace development company. Here we recommend collecting tasks until they take at least eighty working hours. This way, you will be able to save on maintenance services.

Custom marketplace development by Backbone


All marketplace websites delivered by our marketplace development company are SEO-optimized. They meet all technical requirements of search engines and allow clients to rank higher in search engines results.


Our online marketplace development company offers a seamless user experience to both sellers and buyers. All our marketplaces are visually appealing, intuitive, easy to navigate, and easily recognizable.


Being aware that visitors leave websites that load more than one or two seconds, we use mature, proven technologies to ensure your marketplace will load much faster.

Scalable and Highload

All marketplace solutions built by our marketplace development company have the scalable architecture to handle the growing number of concurrent users and increased workload.


To protect the payment information of the marketplace users, our online marketplace development company uses Ruby on Rails, which offers built-in security measures to make platforms resistant against common threats.


We adjust our marketplace websites and optimize their content flow for mobile devices to provide visitors with an outstanding user experience regardless of the screen size, resolution, or operating system of their gadgets.

Need a reliable marketplace development partner?

Need a reliable marketplace development partner?

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Reasons to outsource marketplace development

These days outsourcing marketplace development services has become second nature for an increasing number of businesses. The reasons below will show why you should follow their lead and partner with a reliable offshore software development agency to get your software solution built from scratch.


If you are looking for ways to cut marketplace app development costs, you should try outsourcing. This way, you do not have to hire an in-house development team. Consequently, you save on hardware, software licenses, taxes, let alone salaries, compensations, and sick leaves. Besides, if you need to scale the team and add more specialists, you do not have to recruit relevant specialists. Your ​​marketplace development service partner will provide you with additional professionals.

A great talent pool

Another strong reason for outsourcing marketplace development services is the ability to hire talented specialists globally. You will not have any difficulties with finding a reliable team from another region where rates are lower than in your country. In this regard, we would recommend considering a partnership with an experienced marketplace development company from Eastern Europe. This way, you will get a high-quality custom marketplace platform at an affordable price.

Risk mitigation

When you turn to an experienced marketplace development service agency that builds custom marketplace software, you can expect the development process will run smoothly. Having extensive industry knowledge, specialists there will consider all potential risks and bottlenecks and find the most suitable solutions to address them. Apart from that, the development team will use the latest security standards to protect the payment information of your users from common threats.

Want to build a profitable marketplace business?

Want to build a profitable marketplace business?

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