React JS Development Services

Web Application Development Services

React.js development services provided by Backbone include building software solutions from scratch to tailored to the particular business needs. Apart from that, our specialists help customers migrate to React from any other front-end technology and refactor badly written code to meet the highest industry standard.

Custom web application development offerings

Our React.js development company builds unique software solutions to help organizations satisfy even the most demanding needs of their end-users and improve their operational processes and streamline internal workflows.

  • Front-end development services

    React.js development services provided by Backbone imply building responsive and fast-loading user interfaces. Our React.js development company pays close attention to little details to make sure they look great on both desktops and mobile devices with different screen sizes and resolutions.

  • Enterprise development services

    Our React.js development services include building complex scalable enterprise resource planning systems that are perfectly aligned with the core operational processes of our customers. With their help, companies can achieve the integrity of all corporate data and reduce bottom-line expenses.

  • Progressive web apps development services

    We implement innovative PWA technology to help businesses save on mobile app development and provide their audience with an exceptional user experience. Converting their websites into fast-loading and secure progressive web applications increases the conversion rate and drives more sales.

  • React JS migration services

    React.js migration services provided by Backbone imply shifting the client side of your web application from the existing front-end framework to a feature-rich, dynamic, and interactive tech stack. Our specialists will carry out the migration process smoothly while maintaining the security, speed, and performance of our customers’ solutions.

Excited to build a powerful digital product?

Excited to build a powerful digital product?

Our skillful React.js development team will show you how to do this the right way.

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Our engagement models

Time & material model

This model adopted in our React.js development company implies billing our customers based on the exact amount of hours our development team required to complete the project rather than setting a fixed price. It works best when there is no way to provide customers with accurate time and cost estimates.

Dedicated React js development team

Customers who want to gain total control over their project will benefit from React js development services offered by our dedicated team. We will provide you with specialists best suited for your project. You will create tasks for them and monitor their progress on your own.

React.js development by Backbone

  • 1


    React, which is considered one of the fastest web development frameworks, allows us to deliver software solutions that load in less than one second.

  • 2


    Our React.js development company makes stable performance our top priority to ensure our digital products will effortlessly handle a large number of transactions during peak load.

  • 3


    We optimize web pages and their content to ensure that all digital solutions we deliver are easily indexed by search engines.

  • 4


    We build simple, easy-to-navigate, and intuitive custom software solutions that can effortlessly satisfy customers’ needs and expectations.

  • 5


    Backbone uses ready-made libraries and solutions available in React Native to help companies save on mobile app development with our React native application development services.

  • 6


    We offer customers React Native development services to save time and cost of mobile app development and build powerful native and cross-platform applications.

React.js application development process

At Backbone, the full-cycle React.js development process consists of certain stages–starting from identifying the project idea to successful product launch–and goes through maintenance and support to ensure the solution stays relevant and bug-free.


To hold an efficient discovery session, specialists in our React.js development company prepare a list of questions for customers beforehand. They are related to the project idea, its end-users, their needs and wants, business model, and core functionality. Also, we inquire about the market rivals and their solutions to help businesses stand out from the crowd. The more information we get at this stage, the higher the chances are of creating an impactful solution that will meet the market demand. Besides, this way, our React.js consulting team will be able to provide customers with more accurate time and cost estimates.

Product vision

Project roadmap


Design prototype

User flow

Project architecture

Accurate estimates

Team composition


As soon as we get the product requirements documented, our UX/UI design team joins the project. Their responsibility is to define what a future product will look like. Initially, they create an information architecture for a future software solution that will be further developed by our software development team. Another important task for our UX/UI designers is the creation of wireframes or, in other words, layouts showcasing the position of elements on web pages. Our specialists create them based on user stories we obtained at the discovery stage. Later, these wireframes are converted into clickable prototypes. Prototypes, in turn, lie at the core of the final version of UI design.

Design estimates

UX Flow



User Stories

UI design

Сustom illustrations and icons


After our React.js development team defines the key project requirements and tasks at hand and chooses the most suitable programming languages, frameworks, and tools, they proceed to build the required functionality. Since the development process in our React development company is premised on the principles of the Agile philosophy, we work on short sprints. At the beginning of each sprint, our React.js developers prioritize the tasks in the backlog. This way, we define which functionality should be implemented in version 1.0. After that, our development team actually builds the required features that are further tested by quality assurance engineers and then releases them to production, provided there are no bugs or system errors.








As soon as the software is tested properly and no bugs are uncovered, our React.js app development team deploys the final version of the solution to the live production environment. After that, they discuss how the deployment process went. If there are some casualties or issues, we document them to fix during the next iteration. Alongside the product release, our React.js web development team prepares release notes that are technical documentation explaining what changes have been made to the product and what bugs have been fixed. Usually, these notes are aimed at end-users, but in some cases, they can be used internally.


Even if the software shows stable performance immediately after its launch, it still should be monitored closely to ensure there will be no bugs or downtimes in the future. Besides, the product should be regularly updated with new functionality to keep up with the ever-growing needs of the target audience. With these thoughts in mind, our React js development company provides customers with support and maintenance services. Customers can purchase a certain amount of hours per month or create a backlog of tasks for our React.js consulting company to work on.

Want to build a powerful application with React.js?

Want to build a powerful application with React.js?

Our expert team will put your ideas into action.

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