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At Backbone, we harness the power of React Native framework for building robust cross-platform solutions that show seamless performance on Android, iOS, and web platforms. React Native development services can be beneficial for your business in terms of cost-effectiveness and reduced time-to-market.

React Native Development Services

We provide businesses with a wide range of React Native development services to allow them to engage with their mobile audience via robust, scalable, highly performant applications that offer a consistent and unified experience across multiple platforms and devices.

  • Custom React Native Application Development

    Our skillful React Native app developers will build a unique digital solution for you from scratch. Using our services, you will get a mobile application tailored to your specific needs that will take your business to the next level.

  • iOS & Android Applications Development

    Usage of React Native for iOS development and for building solutions for the Android platform helps us optimize the mobile app development process and provide your customers with feature-rich functionality hybrid apps lack and thus, offer them an exceptional user experience.

  • React Native Application Development

    With our React Native development services, you can address your diverse business needs in the most cost-effective and efficient way. You will get a customized solution that will satisfy even the most demanding users and add extra value to the products and services you offer.

  • React Native migration services

    Our React Native app development team will undertake the process of migrating your application from any other platform or technology to React Native. This way, you will be able to improve performance and user experience without any risk of data loss.

  • MVP development with React Native

    A clear benefit of building a minimum viable product with React Native is cost-effectiveness. Code reusability, a great number of pre-built components, and third-party plugins can help you reduce React Native development services costs.

  • React Native Consulting & Support

    From idea validation to the product launch, you can rely on our consulting services at each stage of the React Native app development process. We will carefully analyze the input information about your project to develop a clear strategy on how to help you reach your business goals.

Excited to build a powerful cross-platform solution?

Excited to build a powerful cross-platform solution?

Our skillful React Native development team will show you how to do this the right way.

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Our engagement models

Time & material React Native development

There are several reasons why this model is so popular. The first one is transparency. By choosing the time & material model, you will know exactly what you will pay for and what value you will get. Another reason is flexibility. If the project scope is not clear from the very beginning and is likely to change along with the requirements, this model will suit you just fine.

Dedicated React Native development team

If you want to gain full control over your project, we can provide you with dedicated React Native development services on a long-term basis. The development team will be staffed according to your specific requirements for their knowledge and skill set. You will be able to manage this team on your own or use the services of our project managers.

React Native development by Backbone

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    Though React Native is a fast framework by default, at Backbone, we optimize images and reduce their size to improve the application’s launch time even more.

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    When building React Native software, we keep in mind three factors that make our products efficient. These are market needs, target audience, and the solution itself.

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    React Native is famous for its scalability. It is one of the key reasons why it is used for building such large applications with a large user base like Facebook and Instagram.

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    Owing to a great number of third-party component libraries, our React Native development company creates user-friendly UIs effortlessly and offers engaging UX/UI design solutions.

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    Reusable code allows our React Native app development company to build robust cross-platform solutions much faster and at lower costs.

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    Though React Native is a relatively new framework, it is noted for its stability owing to Facebook’s support. Besides, it is constantly being improved by a vibrant community.

React Native development process

Partnership with our full-cycle React Native development company will allow you to embrace the whole potential of React Native technology. Our skillful specialists will undertake the complete implementation of your project, from the exploration of your subject idea to the product launch.


A new project at our React Native development company starts with a discovery session between a customer and our software development team. In simpler terms, we held a series of meetings with the purpose of collecting as much project information as possible. Here we specify pain points a future solution is designed to solve, its basic functionality, and its target audience. Also, we conduct market research to define the biggest industry players and their offerings. This way, we increase our chances to achieve product-market fit and ensure the successful delivery of a unique solution that will stand out from the crowd.

Product vision

Project roadmap


Design prototype

User flow

Project architecture

Accurate estimates

Team composition


The UX/UI design stage at Backbone starts when all project requirements are specified and documented. Our design team proceeds to create an information architecture for a future cross-platform application, which is basically a visual representation of its infrastructure, primary features, and hierarchy. After that, the wireframing takes place. Here wireframes can be seen as layouts that demonstrate the position of elements on a web page and their interconnection. Our UX/UI design team creates them based on the user stories received at the end of the discovery session. Later they transform these wireframes into clickable prototypes that imply the first user interaction and serve as the basis for the final UI design version.

Design estimates

UX Flow



User stories

UI design

Сustom illustrations and icons


Our React Native development company adheres to the principles of Agile philosophy. This approach promotes sustainable development and allows our team to satisfy even the most demanding customers through the early and continuous delivery of custom software solutions.


When the testing is completed and all bugs have been fixed, our software development team deploys the final version of the application to production. It is a crucial moment when your solution goes live and becomes accessible to search engines and users who are looking for products and services similar to yours. After that, we discuss the deployment process. If we face some casualties, we document them with the purpose of fixing them during the next iteration.

Alongside the product launch, we prepare release notes that contain a list of crucial improvements or bugs fixed.


We will not leave you after the successful launch of your mobile solution. On the contrary, we continue working on it to guarantee its stable performance without any downtime and make sure your solution satisfies both the latest industry trends and the ever-growing demands of your target market. Additionally, our React Native development company can advance it with new features per your request to increase your chances to beat your competitors. Finally, we will optimize your mobile solution to make it compatible with the latest version of Android, iOS, and Windows platforms.

Excited to build a powerful cross-platform solution?

Excited to build a powerful cross-platform solution?

Our skillful React Native development team will show you how to do this the right way.

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