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The extensive Ruby on Rails ecosystem allows us to provide you with cutting-edge technological solutions of any complexity. With our Ruby on Rails development services, you can launch digital products fast and get new opportunities for business expansion.

Ruby on Rails development services

Being an established Ruby on Rails development company, we use this framework to its fullest potential to help you solve diverse business needs. With our robust web solutions, you can increase the credibility of your business, improve your online presence, and drive sales.

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Why do we love Rails?

For more than six years, our company has been using the extensive capabilities of the Ruby on Rails framework to build technically complex web systems. The following benefits make this framework a great option for creating solutions that go beyond standard web products.

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    Many ready-made components called gems speed up the Ruby on Rails application development process by offering a solution for solving any issue or building any functionality.

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    The high Ruby on Rails web development speed reduces the total cost of a completed web product and allows you to launch a top-notch software solution even with a limited budget.

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    Ruby on Rails applications can show great performance provided the framework has been used properly. Our Ruby on Rails development services include optimization of the web solutions built with RoR to enable them to handle the increased workload without any issues.

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    Built-in mechanisms of RoR protect web apps from the main vulnerabilities, such as SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, or cross-site scripting.

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    We build scalable web architectures to make sure the solutions delivered by our Ruby on Rails development company will be able to accommodate your platform’s growth.

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    Active members of the Ruby on Rails community hold various conferences and create manuals, guides, and other educational materials to share their knowledge and best practices with fellow Ruby on Rails developers.

Ruby on Rails app development process

Customers can count on a full range of Ruby on Rails development services by Backbone. We provide them with the required assistance from business idea validation to after-launch support and maintenance.


In our Ruby on Rails development company, the discovery phase is a starting point for a new software project. It implies collecting and analyzing the information about the future product. The aim is to define its target audience, goals, scope, and main requirements. We ask customers to tell us about the issues they want to solve and create a list of desirable functionality. The more information we get at this stage, the easier it is for our software development team to define the project complexity correctly and provide customers with more accurate time and cost estimates.

Product vision

Project roadmap


Design prototype

User flow

Project architecture

Accurate estimates

Team composition


When our UX/UI design team joins the project, they analyze the requirements we have gotten. They rely on this data to create information infrastructure. After that, they build wireframes, which are static, low-fidelity representations of your product. They serve as the skeletal framework that both designers and software developers should follow. Over time, these wireframes are transformed into interactive prototypes. They offer a more detailed look at the visual attributes of your design and include the first user interaction.

Design estimates

UX Flow


User Stories

UI design

Сustom themes and icons

3.Development sprints

The software development process in our RoR development company is based on the principles of the Agile methodology. This approach brings you multiple benefits such as risk mitigation, the highest product quality, better communication, early and predictable delivery, and better control over the project. We divide the Ruby on Rails application development process into short sprints. Each sprint starts with planning and task prioritization. Then, our development team starts building the functionality, which is further tested by our quality assurance engineers. If they do not find any bugs, the functionality is released. After completing a sprint, our development team proceeds to the next one.








The Ruby on Rails software development process ends with the product release. After manual and automated tests performed by our QA engineers did not show any bugs or glitches and proven that the whole system works as it should, our development team deploys the finalized application to production. From then onward, the digital product becomes available for end-users. After that, our specialists create the release notes, which are technical documentation where the key changes (both functional and non-functional) are specified.


At Backbone, we aim at establishing long-term relationships with our customers. Meaning our work does not end with the product launch. We will help you stay relevant by improving your products with new features and fixing bugs reported by end-users. Our Ruby on Rails web development company provides after-launch support in two different ways. We can either offer you a certain amount of hours for a specific monthly fee or ask you to create a backlog of tasks for our development team. The most cost-effective way is to collect tasks that will last at least eighty working hours and give them to our team.

Our engagement models

Time & material RoR development

This engagement model will suit companies that consider the dynamic nature of the software development process. Evolving requirements, frequent upgrades, and probable risks are included in the completed software development project price. It means that instead of taking an educated guess, customers will pay for the actual amount of time the Ruby on Rails software development team spent working on the project.

Dedicated Ruby on Rails development team

If you want to bring the software development project under your full control, you will benefit from the Ruby on Rails development services provided by our dedicated team. You will be able to prioritize tasks for the software developers, UX/UI designers, and quality assurance engineers and monitor their progress. This way, you will save on infrastructure and human resources and get highly skilled professionals who will engage fully in their project.

Reasons to outsource RoR application development

Over recent years, organizations have preferred outsourcing their web development projects. The reasons below show what makes a partnership with a reliable company offering Ruby on Rails development service such a great option.


By entrusting your digital product to an experienced offshore software development agency, you no longer have to maintain your in-house development team. This way, you will reduce ongoing operation and labor expenses. They include costs of hiring and training your employees, taxes, hardware, software licensing, taxes, salaries, and compensation.

Reduced risks

The development of a new digital product is associated with certain risks. Here we should mention going over budget, missing key deadlines, risk of losing opportunities, etc. Based on their expertise and vast industry knowledge, the Ruby on Rails development company you will partner with will assume and manage these risks for you and find the best ways to mitigate them.

Vast experience

Any reliable Ruby on Rails development agency hires highly skilled specialists in different fields, be it UX/UI design, business analysis, or quality assurance. The developers there have profound technical skills and vast coding experience. The joint efforts of a qualified team will help you get a unique solution tailored to your specific business needs.

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