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With our website development services, companies can increase their online presence, showcase their offerings to potential customers, and generate more revenue. By establishing who you are, sharing your mission, vision, and values with your potential customers, you get better chances to make them want to buy from you.

Custom web development offerings

Since 2014, Backbone has been offering web design and development services across multiple industries. Our bespoke software products enable companies to address their diverse business needs, from optimization and automation of internal processes and workflows to the improvement of customer-facing solutions.

  • Marketplace website development

    Website development solutions delivered by Backbone include fast-loading, secure, and scalable product and service marketplaces. They will enable you to provide sellers and buyers with exceptional user experience, compete with industry giants on equal footing, drive more sales, and thus, grow your marketplace business.

  • SaaS product

    Saas development will bring your business multiple benefits regarding reduced costs, easy distribution, and seamless updates. Our vast expertise allows us to build cloud solutions that solve real-world challenges your organization and customers face. We keep in mind the potential growth of your business. For this reason, all our products have scalable architecture.

  • Web portal

    By building a web portal for your organization, you get a single access point for the crucial corporate information that you can easily share with your customers, vendors, employees, and partners. This way, you can offer improved customer service and optimize and manage key operational processes.

  • Social media platform development

    Our website development service implies creating social media platforms where you can engage with customers or announce the release of new products to a broad audience. In this regard, social networks become a powerful tool that helps your marketing team get valuable insights into your customers’ interests and create efficient promotional strategies to target them.

  • Ecommerce website development

    Our web development services include designing and building eye-catching and functional storefronts. We explore your subject idea to help you choose the most suitable business model and the right functionality to attract more customers. In addition, we will use the most advanced technology stack to ensure secure payment processing on your e-commerce platform.

  • Corporate website development

    Backbone provides web design and development services to help your business improve its online presence and gain new customers. We will build a professional website to showcase your products or services to the best advantage. Such a website will be your trustworthy sales representative that allows you to establish your business credibility.

Custom websites by Backbone

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    When rendering website development services, we make system stability our high priority. Thus, we can guarantee that your software solutions are reliable and crush-free.

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    We optimize the infrastructure and technical components of all our websites, including page speed, URL structure, and sitemaps to ensure that they are easily indexed by search engines.

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    We follow the key principles of visual design to make websites intuitive and easy to use. To reach this goal, we build navigation, which is simple and consistent across the entire website.

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    We follow the guidelines prepared by Google developers to ensure that all our digital solutions are easily accessible by smartphones and tablets regardless of their screen size, or resolution.

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    Ruby on Rails, which is the main backend technology at Backbone, is noted for its built-in mechanisms that protect software solutions against the most common security threats.

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    High performance

    All our digital products show high performance, meaning that they can manage effortlessly the growing number of concurrent users and are available 24/7.

How we render web development services

Backbone is a full-cycle web development service provider. It implies providing our customers with fully-functioning solutions for all stages of the software development lifecycle from a discovery session to the product launch and further maintenance and support.


Each new software project in our company starts with exploring the subject idea and specifying the key requirements for a future product. This way we ensure that your digital product will meet the market demand. For his reason, we hold a discovery session with our customers. During this stage, we analyze issues the customer wants to fix, uncover potential bottlenecks, and define the most suitable technology stack. After that, our software development team offers time and cost estimates and forms the project documentation. This approach allows us to minimize risks, reduce web development services costs and help clients make more informed decisions.

Product vision

Project roadmap


Design prototype

User flow

Project architecture

Accurate estimates

Team composition


Our UX/UI design team starts with analyzing project requirements collected and written down at the discovery stage. This way, our specialists ensure that the information architecture of the future app will be built the right way. After that, the wireframing takes place. Wireframes can be seen as stretches, their function is to show the position of the elements on the web page. They do not have any logos or colors. This way, our specialists are focused on usability rather than on visual appeal. As soon as the wireframes are approved by the customer, our UX/UI design team converts them into clickable prototypes that imply the first user interaction. The final version of the UI is based on these prototypes.

Design estimates

UX Flow



User Stories

UI design

Сustom illustrations and icons


At Backbone, we follow the principles of the Agile philosophy.  This way, we minimize risks associated with custom software development, deliver high-quality software products, and offer clients better control over their projects. According to Agile, the whole development process is divided into short sprints that generally last two weeks. At the beginning of each sprint, we prioritize the tasks in our backlog. Then, the development itself takes place. As soon as a certain piece of fucntionality is completed, it is stressed by our quality assurance engineers to make sure that there are no bugs or system errors. When all bugs are fixed, functionality is released to production.








When the testing stage is completed and no bugs were identified, the final version of the software solution can be deployed to production. From this moment, your digital product becomes accessible to search engines, and users can easily find it. Apart from that, our website development services include writing specific technical documentation about the product that is launched. It is called release notes and it covers all bugs that we have fixed and crucial changes we have made. Release notes are important since they show customers the true value of their product.

5.Maintenance and support

Professional web development services provided by Backbone include maintaining your software solution after its successful launch. This way, we ensure that it is stable, bug-free, and accessible 24/7. Also, we can add new features to your product per your request to make it relevant and satisfactory for the ever-growing demands of your target market. To use our maintenance and support services you can either purchase a certain amount of hours per month or create a backlog of tasks for our team to handle. Here we recommend collecting tasks until they take at least eighty working hours. This way, you will be able to cut off expenses.

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