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To provide customers with advanced WordPress development services, we look beyond the out-of-the-box features of this content management system and its existing plugins. We build bespoke functionality to help customers win the market with unique, robust web solutions.

WordPress development services

At Backbone, when starting a new project, we carefully study the basic requirements for a future app to develop custom features for solving any business tasks. This way, our WordPress website development services help companies create a unique brand experience and represent their business in the most efficient way.

Custom WordPress application development

Backbone’s WordPress development services include creating fully functioning web apps from scratch. We find WordPress a suitable solution for handling access control, databases, caching, and other aspects of building the server-side of web apps. For example, our seasoned developers can easily connect to its database and run queries.

MVP WordPress application development

Being a tried and tested solution, WordPress is a great option for building MVP products. With our WordPress development services, customers will get the first working version of their digital product in the quickest time possible. Our team helps companies define and build bespoke functionality required for validating their business idea.

Migration to WordPress

Customers can easily migrate their website from some other content management system to WP by using WordPress development services by Backbone. We evaluate the website and its content to define areas that deserve our special attention. Then, we set up WordPress, import the website content, thoughtfully review the import, and finally, publish it to production.

WordPress e-commerce development

Using our WordPress development service, customers will get a powerful digital solution to grow their e-commerce business. Companies will benefit from visually appealing storefronts and customized product pages created by our expert team. Also, we will help set up the preferred payment gateways and shipping options.

API development

Backbone team uses WordPress REST API to connect WordPress websites with external third-party applications. Apart from that, this helpful feature allows us to get the data in and out of WordPress in a simple, convenient, and structured way and create new admin and front-end experiences.

Integration with 3rd party services

Third-party integration allows customers to respond timely to the market demand and improve the efficiency of their business processes. Our expert team is always ready to help companies synchronize their website with any other services, be it a CRM, inventory management system, payment or shipping gateway, or analytical tool.

Why is WordPress still a choice?

For more than fifteen years, WordPress has been one of the most popular website management systems. The reasons below explain why companies should still use WordPress website development services in 2022 and beyond.

  • 1


    WordPress is an open-source and free CMS, which is updated and supported by developers. It has lots of ready plugins that allow companies to save on WordPress development services.

  • 2


    A WordPress website development company does not have to build the website features from scratch. They can use plugins to develop, add, or extend the existing functionality.

  • 3


    WordPress developers can use expensive out-of-the-box functionality or build custom features to cover any aspect of website management, be it security, content management, performance, or search engine optimization.

  • 4


    If a customer has problems with the WordPress website, it will take our team a couple of hours to explore its back-end and fix the issue.

  • 5

    Open source

    As previously mentioned, WordPress is an open-source content management system. Thousands of developers all over the world are constantly working on its updates to expand its functionality.

  • 6


    WordPress has a vibrant community. Its active members provide solutions to many common issues that speed up the WordPress development process for our team.

Custom WordPress web development process

Being a fully circled WordPress website development agency, we provide customers with the required assistance at each stage of their product development.


At Backbone, the discovery phase is the first and foremost stage of the custom software development process. Here we grasp the subject idea and specify the main requirements for a future product. A clear benefit of building a website with WordPress lies in fast business idea validation. Customers can quickly decide whether it is okay to carry on or if they need to pivot. To make sure the digital product will meet the market demand, we focus on the pain points this solution will address and its key features. At the end of this stage, we offer customers accurate time and cost estimates.

Product vision

Project roadmap


Design prototype

User flow

Project architecture

Accurate estimates

Team composition


Our team can easily transfer any unique design idea offered by the customer into WordPress templates. This way, customers get better chances to convey their vision and brand identity. Initially, our design team creates a mockup that is further reviewed, commented on, and finally approved by the customer. As for the layout, we focus on making it clean and simple so customers can stay focused on your offerings. Also, we help customers choose the most suitable color themes and aesthetically appealing fonts to make their business websites more professional.

Design estimates

UX Flow


User Stories

UI design

Сustom themes and icons


The custom WordPress development stage implies handling three key elements of WordPress content management system, which are core code, themes, and plugins. Themes are responsible for the look of the website. Based on the budget available, our software developers can either create a custom WordPress theme or modify an existing one so it satisfies the project requirements. Plugins are used to implement additional features. We recommend you avoid installing too many plugins since they can negatively affect the performance of your website.








The WordPress website release means making our website visible for both people looking for your services on the internet and search engines. At this stage, we migrate all data and deploy the website to the hosting platform chosen by the customer and adjust the DNS settings to point name servers properly. Once the final data migration is complete and quality assurance engineers have performed functional, usability, security, and performance tests, the website can go live.


WordPress app development is an ongoing process. Companies need to add new functionality regularly to stay relevant and respond quickly to the customer’s evolving needs. Besides, the websites should be constantly monitored to make sure they are bug-free and available 24/7. That’s when high-quality after-launch maintenance and support services save the day. There are two ways to maintain digital products after their successful launch. The first one implies offering customers a specific amount of hours for a predefined monthly fee. The second option is creating a backlog with tasks taking at least eighty working hours.

Our engagement models

Time & material WordPress development

According to this approach, we set prices for our WordPress development services proceeding from the man-hours of our developers and the resources used. The time and material model considers the dynamic nature of the software development and takes into account changing requirements, updates, and risks unusually associated with it. For this reason, it is getting more and more popular among software development companies.

Dedicated WordPress development team

If customers want to manage their project on their own, we can offer them a dedicated WordPress development team. It includes highly skilled project managers, software developers, QA engineers, and UX/UI designers. Customers can manage the team activities and tasks they perform from their side. Alternatively, this task can be assigned to a project manager from a WordPress development company they partner with.

Looking for a cost-effective way to build a web product?

Looking for a cost-effective way to build a web product?

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